There are two price categories: private and business.


  • Privat session basic ( ½ Hour, ca. 20 Photos) = 30€
  • Privat session advance (1 Hour, ca. 40 Photos) = 55€
  • Privat session complete (2 Hour, ca. 80 Photos) = 100€


  • Business session basic (¾ Hour, ca. 20-30 Photos) = 45€
  • Business session advance (1 Hour and 20 min., ca. 30-40 Photos) = 70€
  • Business session complete (2 Hour, ca. 60-80 Photos) = 130€

What is the difference between private and business sessions?
In a private session spontaneous photos are made, for example, portraits of events. In the shooting the object or person, before the recording is not prepared separately. At a business session people or objects to photograph are prepared separately, to guarantee the best possible quality for each object or person.

What means the number of taken photos?
The number of taken photos means a complete count of all photos which are taken in one session. One or more photos can be selected out due to aberratio.

How the photos will be provided to the customer?
The photos will be delivered to the customer in digital form on CD / DVD or memory card. If the customer wants them printed on photo paper, adicional cost due to development.